Being selected as maid of honor is a testament to one’s friendship with the bride. It means she trusts you more than anyone else to help her through all of the trials and tribulations that go into planning a wedding.

This can be an enormous task, especially for someone who has never been a maid of honor or bridesmaid before. If you fall into this category, or are simply in need of a refresher, here are the top 5 duties of the maid of honor.


  1. Emotional lifeboat – The stresses of wedding planning can be too much for a future bride without someone to help ease the burden. The maid of honor takes up that mantle, serving as part therapist, part best friend, part voice of reason for all of the bride-to-be’s wedding struggles.
  1. Help with planning – Be prepared to be the proverbial go-to guy for all of the bride’s wedding planning dilemmas. It always helps to have an extra opinion to hear when it comes to things like wedding colors, cake, catering, etc. Plus it can make otherwise unentertaining tasks into wonderful outings.
  1. Act as witness on the marriage license – This is fairly straightforward. Along with the best man, it is the maid of honor’s duty to be the witness for all official documents for the bride and groom.
  1. Attend dress shopping and fittings – As the maid of honor, one should help provide valuable input for the bride while she picks out her wedding dress. Be supportive, and make it fun. It can be a long process without a good friend helping lighten things up.
  1. Manage the bride’s dress during the ceremony and reception – During the ceremony, the maid of honor is in charge of the bride’s train and dress. This involves managing the train during the walk down the aisle, and most importantly, keeping an emergency sewing kit on hand in case disaster strikes.

Written by: Thomas Viola