Wedding gown fitting is a critical part of your wedding preparations. Your dress must fit perfectly and match your body closely. Here are four tips to prepare you and your gown for your special day.

Schedule in Advance

Schedule your gown fitting well before the wedding date to give you and the shop time to make alterations. It will take more than one fitting to get everything right, so plan for at least two or three sessions.

Wear the Right Underwear and Accessories

Make sure you try your wedding gown with the underwear you plan to wear on your big day. These garments affect the fit and you need your gown to fit you perfectly. You must also bring your wedding shoes — or at least heels of the same height — to help determine the correct dress length.

Pay Attention to Detail

When you try the dress, make sure you pay attention to each detail. Is a bead missing? Is the stitching wrong? Make full use of mirrors and do not hesitate to ask for a handheld mirror if you need it.

If you find anything you do not like, ask for modifications. This is your wedding and you only get one shot at the perfect dress, so it’s up to you to communicate your needs. Chances are the staff are used to dealing with people who are far more difficult than you, so don’t hesitate to voice concerns!

Bring a Friend or Relative

It is always a good idea to bring a close friend or a relative to gown fittings. They can provide reassurance and valuable feedback — and they can look up-close at places you can’t reach. However, don’t bring too many people with you or you will have to deal with too many different opinions.

Wedding dress fitting is an important part of your dress purchase. It’s the first time you see the dress on your body and the only opportunity to decide if it needs modifications. Remember, your seamstress will not know what you want unless you tell her!

By Sophie’s Solutions