It’s no secret that a wedding is a complicated, expensive affair. With so much to plan, it’s not easy to keep track of who is responsible for what. Here is a quick rundown of who is traditionally in charge, and a more modern take.

The family of the bride is responsible for:

  • All expenses regarding the wedding reception.
  • The cost of the church or other venue of the ceremony.
  • The photographer
  • Invitations
  • The wedding gown

The family of the groom is responsible for:

  • The cost of the rehearsal dinner. This includes the venue, catering, and any entertainment expenses that may come with it.
  • The decorations for the ceremony and dinners, including all flowers for the wedding and centerpieces for the tables.

A Modern Take, The 50/50 split:

  • Tally up all of the costs and split the total down the middle.
  • This ensures no one is left footing an unfairly large bill.

Written By: Thomas Viola